Why DMC?

We are a full service firm that specializes in restoration dredging, waterfront parks, shoreline stabilization and marine structures such as marinas, boat ramps, boardwalks, piers, seawalls and docks.  Additionally, we provide services in upland civil projects and environmental expertise in ecology, biology and limnology.

  • DMC is founded on principles of integrity, professionalism, and  passion.  We hold a sense of complete accountability to each other at DMC and to the clients and communities we serve.
  • We will guide you to make the best possible economic and environmental decision.
  • We will maintain key staff throughout your project.
  • We will be responsive and conscientious to meeting your budgeting and deliverable time line.
  • We will selflessly facilitate and guide you to achieve your goal.

Our staff has over 100 years of experience in the harsh Florida environments, including salt water conditions and severe storms.  Therefore, we understand the need to design and innovate for impacts and utilize products that will lead to longevity of our designed structures without sacrificing aesthetics, considering costs and prioritizing human safety and risk mitigation. We share joy in knowing that we have responsibly benefited the public and communities we serve.