Why DMC?

There are almost 100,000 environmental and engineering firms just in the State of Florida. So why would you want to do business with DMC? We are a consulting firm that can provide you a complete team of environmental and engineering professionals to guide you responsibly through design, permitting, and actual project construction and implementation. We hope, upon review of our testimonials and other web pages, you will consider DMC. We offer the following information for your further consideration:


We are a licensed State of Florida engineering company, certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by the State of Florida, and certified as a Small Business Enterprise by the South Florida Water Management District. We are a multidisciplinary company that provides engineering related to both upland civil and waterways related planning and engineering, and environmental expertise in ecology, biology, and limnology. However, our true business and reason for our existence is to utilize our technical and managerial forte in innovatively designing and solving engineering and environmental issues that face our clients and share in the joy of knowing that we have responsibly benefited the public and communities we serve.


Our core business service focuses on dredging and marine related infrastructure and environmental projects. However, our services include upland projects as well as those that are related to freshwater, brackish, and coastal systems. Our true value to our clients, we believe, is in our overall management support in every aspect of a project, from initial feasibility to strategic planning, design, permitting and construction inspection. We believe in “educating and guiding” our clients and truly understanding their framework. Our staff has interdisciplinary backgrounds in city, county and state government operations, as well as prior military experience, which we feel offers us better insight into the services we provide. Our goal is to be an extension of your administrative, management and technical staff. Where we do not have a solution, we will use our resources to assist you with potential options available. We provide project update reports so that clients will have a “snap shot” of the project progress and budget as needed. In essence, DMC will thoroughly manage every project and keep you well-informed to effectively minimize your management time.

We hope that this information offers you insight into working with DMC as your consultants. We take great pride in our work and look forward to working with you professionally and responsibly to help you with your project. Please see our links to DMC services, clients, testimonials and other pages within this website for more information about the work we do.