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At DMC, we believe that
muck is a beautiful thing!

DMC is a Florida-based environmental and engineering 
firm with nearly two decades of experience.

We have surpassed the expectations of over 130 clients by designing and permitting over

  • 10 miles of shoreline armoring and protection

  • 1.5 Million cubic yards of muck sediment

  • 30 waterfront and recreational parks


Our Success is in Our Values. 

DMC’s Core values are the human characteristics that are inherent to each member of the organization. These values serve as the foundation upon which DMC is built, and have been compiled by DMC's founder and staff for the betterment of DMC, its staff and its clients.

  • TRUSTWORTHY       Fundamental and unwavering

  • RESPECTFUL            Foster understanding and cooperation

  • ACCOUNTABLE      Take ownership and responsibility for work and actions

  • ENTHUSIASTIC        Purposefully passionate and determined

  • INNOVATIVE            Constantly embrace and drive positive, sustainable change

  • ASPIRE                      Create client success and personal happiness

  • SELFLESS                  Serve the community unconditionally and joyfully

Clients Love Working With DMC.

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