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Regulatory Agency Coordination

Almost every project DMC designs required jurisdictional and regulatory agency permitting. This often involves local state or federal entities such as cities, counties, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Water Management Districts, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Department of Transportation and United States Army Corps of Engineers. At DMC our experience has taught us the most successful approach to permitting is to clearly communicate the needs of our client to the regulatory staff on the on-set with a permit pre-application meeting with all the agencies. We set up onsite meetings with all the proper agency staff to clearly outline the intent of the project and listen to their suggestions before any applications are submitted. This approach gives the regulatory staff a better understanding of the site conditions and sets in place a clear line of communication that result in reduced costs for both field work required as well as a shorter permitting timeline for our clients.

Mitigation Planning & Monitoring

Our experienced staff of engineers and scientists works in conjunction to eliminate any negative environmental or resource impacts. In the rare instance that these impacts cannot be avoided, Florida Statute mandates that they be offset through mitigation. At DMC we are experienced in planning and executing cost effective and creative solutions for all types of mitigation. We can also outline and perform all the necessary monitoring to comply with permitting conditions.

Environmental Resource Permitting

DMC permitting staff has in-depth experience on both the public and private side of the environmental resource permitting process. We provide all the inspections, surveys, plans, meetings and assessments necessary to support the permitting process. Our staff also generates cost estimates, timelines, and feasibility studies to better advise our clients of their permitting options. Lastly DMC will complete all the necessary documents and respond to all Requests for Additional Information (RAI’s) letters from the regulatory agencies in a timely manner to secure permits.

Threatened & Endangered Species Survey & Relocation

In the instance that threatened and/or endangered species are encountered in your project area DMC can properly complete all surveying, permitting, and relocation tasks to keep your project deadline attainable. As FWC Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agents our environmental staff is legally allowed to survey and relocate gopher tortoise populations but also specialize in Florida Scrub Jay surveying and endangered plant identification.

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