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Dredging & Material Management

We provide expertise for all types of sediment removal from canals, stormwater ponds, reservoirs, lakes, creeks, estuaries and along rivers and coastal areas, projects. Evaluation involves determining hydraulic or mechanical methods based on disposal site acreage limitations and access from water body. Our complete services include feasibility analysis, cost analysis, permitting, engineering design, disposal site design, sediment sampling and testing, surveying, dewatering technologies, construction inspection and contaminated sediment removal and handling.

Shoreline Stabilization & Protection

We have extensive experience with revetments, wave breaks, geotextiles and natural shorelines. We work with our clients, regulators and other parties of interest to innovate an engineering design that best suites the area, with ecological considerations. Our services include surveying, fetch and wave analyses, historical resource and threatened and endangered species surveys, wetland delineations, geotechnical analysis, engineering, permitting and construction inspection.

Marinas, Bulkheads, Seawalls, Boardwalks, Docks & Ramps

We provide engineering and planning services to our clients for all coastal and waterfront projects, including parks. Our experience includes designing, improving and inspecting bulkheads, seawalls, dock (fixed and floating) systems, piers, gangways, boat ramps and marinas. We design both boat and seaplane marinas. DMC will engineer these systems based on clients’ needs, site conditions, available funding and current regulations. Because of our involvement with the Florida Marine Contractors Association, we keep up with the latest marine products and can recommend reputable marine contractors. We also assist with FDEP’s Clean Marina Program designation and sewage pump-out funding.

Site Civil & Stormwater Engineering

DMC provides stormwater and drainage master plans, permitting, pond design and 100-year flood studies for residential, commercial, industrial and public park planning and development. This includes stormwater retrofits with new emerging technologies. In addition, our engineers prepare plans for the construction of pavilions, walkways, restrooms, parking lots, etc. DMC specializes in ADA compliant structures, parks and recreation planning and minimizing environmental impacts. One of DMC’s services include assisting with additional funding sources through various state and federal grants and management.

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