DMC’s vision is to consciously develop and sustain an innovative engineering and environmental company with loyal and passionate staff that share the desire to position DMC as THE ELITE and most recognized and sought after dredging and marine consulting firm on the east coast of Florida by the year-end 2020.



DMC’s mission is to infuse a culture of consistent and sustainable improvement to our team technical and managerial skills so as to effectively listen and understand our client’s immediate and future needs, selflessly facilitate their objectives, and provide solutions that is economically, socially, and environmentally responsible.



DMC’s Core values are the human characteristics that are inherent to each member of the organization. These values have been compiled by the founder and staff of DMC as its foundation and for the betterment of DMC, its staff and those we serve.

  • TRUSTWORTHY: Fundamental and unwavering
  • RESPECTFUL: Foster understanding and cooperation
  • ACCOUNTABLE: Take ownership and responsibility for work and actions
  • ENTHUSIASTIC: Purposefully passionate and determined
  • INNOVATIVE: Constantly embrace and drive positive, sustainable change
  • ASPIRE: Create client success and personal happiness
  • SELFLESS: Serve the community unconditionally and joyfully