Donald B. West, P.E., Public Works Director, St. Lucie County

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dredging and Marine Consultants (DMC) and Mr. Shailesh Patel as Project Manager.  Mr. Patel and his staff have provided the guidance and expertise to successfully bring our project to construction.”

“Mr. Patel’s positive attitude and responsiveness to the needs of the County and the permitting agencies guaranteed our success.  Based upon Mr. Patel’s outstanding performance in the past six years, St. Lucie County has recently selected DMC as our Dredging Consultants for our continuing contracts.”

Susan L. Lovallo, CPRP, Director of Parks and Recreation, City of Port Orange

“DMC has assisted the City with the initial assessment of the site, project engineering, and construction estimating, which was used to match funding for all these projects.  DMC completed all engineering, design options, permitting, technical specifications, bid preparation, bidding process, bid review, construction inspection, permit compliance and monitoring and reporting, and final project and funding closeout.”

“Mr. Patel and DMC’s staff have provided all aspects of the project work including consistent project status reports, attending City Commission meetings for updates when required, addressed public concerns and have managed all our projects within budget and time.

“Their specialization in park projects has made them a valued asset to our City over the last eight years.”

Warren Pike, Public Works Director, City of Port Orange

“DMC was efficient and always available when needed; their knowledge and expertise have proven to be most valuable.  DMC conducted several town meetings for us and did a remarkable job.”

“The City of Port Orange is currently working on a seawall replacement and a dredging project in a local canal and the engineering work, which include several alternatives that DMC has provided, have been great for us to attempt to get residents to understand.

Larry Nadeau, Public Works Project Manager, City of Port St. Lucie

“Please let this letter serve as my ‘positive’ recommendation for the services Dredging & Marine Consultants (DMC) has provided to the City of Port St. Lucie during the recovery process following Hurricane Frances and Jeanne.  They responded with timely and efficient services to affect a successful cleanup of a large waterway within the City of Port St. Lucie.”

“DMC’s knowledge of the issues and applied concepts for the work undertaken presented the best possible outcome for the client.  They demonstrated very good leadership and professionalism throughout the performance of their work.”

“The willingness to work the extra hours/days to meet the required deadline, and to remain on budget, was extremely beneficial.  Their flexibility and timeliness presented a successful project completion.”

“It is a pleasure to have this chance to write a few “positive and deserving” words for a firm that has gained our respect.”

Tamera Rogers, Community Services Director, City of Tavares

“DMC has managed every minute detail of this project, including the laborious environmental permitting, with the utmost of professionalism, tact and expertise.  Their competency levels can be viewed throughout every phase of this project and has garnered the commendations of the CDBG manager.”

“With many Local government leaders being tasked with burdensome workloads and reduced staffing, as the Community Services Director here, I am pleased to say that I have experienced a full sense of confidence and relief in knowing that the work product delivered by the team at DMC has consistently been quality and timely.”

Joel S. Steward, Technical Programs Manager, St. Johns River Water Management District

“Mr. Shailesh Patel was involved in the early phases of the District's IRL muck management program.  Mr. Patel designed an excellent experimental study that yielded credible results that the District has put to practical use. Mr. Patel was later hired to help oversee a major muck dredge operation in Turkey Creek, IRL (>300,000 cu yd of sediment removed).”

“Mr. Patel and his staff were diligent, were focused on the project objectives, and sought to save costs every step of the way.  Mr. Patel also engineered the re-use of Turkey Creek muck in public parks, ball fields, and canal maintenance right-of-ways as a soil amendment for grass cover (which also served an erosion control purpose).  Mr. Patel is a well-rounded professional who looks after his client's interests, communicates often, is insightful and mindful of both the "big picture" and the important details.  It is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Patel.”

Cliff Barnes, County Commissioner, District 5, St. Lucie County

“You personally have been instrumental in moving our project forward financially, technically, and politically. Without your guidance to us and to the public who has been concerned about possible negative consequences of the project, it simply could not have gotten this far. In the six and a half years I have served as a Commissioner, I have acquired a dim view of consultants. I wish others we hired had half the technical skills, ability to communicate, and the sincere interest in serving the public that you do.”

Richard Duane, Building Department Manager, City of Palm Bay

“Mr. Shailesh Patel specifically was and continues to be outstanding. Mr. Patel’s attitude and responsiveness allows me the comfort of minimum project management…Mr. Patel’s willingness to work within the insecure and restrictive confines of a municipal budget makes him an asset to the City of Palm Bay…I will seek out your company for continued service in a variety of projects.”

Frannie Hutchinson, County Commissioner, District 4, St. Lucie County

“I have known Mr. Patel for the last four years. He is a very friendly, outgoing person and a dedicated professional. He has a very thorough knowledge of issues regarding the engineering/scientific field. I have attended many public hearings and observed him make technical presentations. He is very patient with the public and continues until they understand the issue. He is a top notch professional and works well with county staff, elected officials and has an established working relationship and knowledge of regulatory agencies on the state and federal level.”

Robert Day, Environmental Specialist, Indian River Lagoon Program

“Mr. Shailesh Patel was responsive to the needs of the agencies involved and provided the expertise to complete the project on time and within budget…they also provided public education for interested citizens, furthering their value to the project.”

Douglas M. Anderson, County Administrator, St. Lucie County

“Shailesh and DMC have been providing the County with its dredging, shoreline stabilization and both water and land environmental resources surveys and assessments, permitting, construction inspection, monitoring, and project closeout.  The projects under his watch were completed on time, within budget and had no negative affects on the environment.”

“I am pleased to have worked with Shailesh (S.K.) Patel over the past several years. I have found him not only to be a good engineer but also an individual who is good at communicating with the public and addressing their concerns. S.K. is responsive to his client’s needs and is a pleasure to work with.”

Gilbert C. Sigua, Ph.D., Environmental Scientist, St. Johns River Water Management District

“…especially Mr. Shailesh Patel, were quite responsive to the needs of the project and have provided the expertise to complete the project on time and within budget. I have been impressed with their high level of enthusiasm and attention to detail. These characteristics have produced exceptional project output in a timely manner.”

James R. David, Mosquito Control Director, St. Lucie County

“I would like to thank you again for your oversight of the Taylor Creek channel study involving our FEMA project after Hurricane Irene. I also thought that the work you did for the Inlet Dredging Disposal site and your discussion with the Harbor Advisory Committee concerning Taylor Creek Dredging were very frank, effective, knowledgeable and provided valuable insights into the problems encountered. Again, thanks for your past efforts…”

Michael D. Nixon, P.E., Assistant City Engineer, City of Palm Bay

“The design work, public and political involvement, permitting and construction management was always thorough and accurate which allowed a high comfort level that the projects would be completed successfully.”

“Mr. Shailesh Patel and his staff’s attitude and responsiveness to the needs of the City and the other agencies provided the expertise to complete the projects on time and within budget.”

“With Mr. Patel’s outstanding performance in the past six years, I would not hesitate to seek out his newly formed company, Dredging & Marine Consultants (DMC), for similar services in the future.”

Susan Hann, P.E., Deputy City Manager, City of Palm Bay

“I sincerely appreciate Shailesh’s diligence and determination to achieve the results we needed in order to obtain the FIND funding for the project.  His efforts to coordinate among the various regulatory agencies were essential in securing all of the permits we needed for the project in a timely manner.  Although the project was a new concept, Shailesh’s technical expertise and facilitative skills helped the project move forward despite many challenges.”

Bill Ward, Community Development Director, City of Flagler Beach

“I would like to thank Shailesh Patel for his professional consultant work with the Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) grant for the Flagler Beach Smith’s Creek Dredging Project. He and his staff were very responsive to the needs of the project and worked well with City staff.  He provided public education for all interested citizens and was able to work out problems perceived by them. His enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism went a long way into ensuring a successful project that stayed within a reasonable budget and timetable.  His continuing efforts to obtain reimbursement from FIND have been commendable.  We look forward to working with him and his staff on a new revetment project coming up within the City.”

Robert J. Bradshaw, Town Manager, Town of Indian River Shores

“Your involvement, ability to think ‘outside the box’ and in particular, dedication to move the project forward technically, financially, and politically was impressive and apparent.  Your communication and guidance with the citizens, environmental groups, Commissioner and staff of the County enabled us to stay focused and move forward.  Since then, we at the County sought your guidance on many projects such as canal dredging, seagrass and other environmental assessments, shoreline stabilization, seek and coordinate funding applications with other agencies, stormwater plans, all of which have moved forward successfully and for which we are grateful….I am impressed with your dedication, guidance, technical knowledge and equally with your management in being responsive, maintaining projects on schedule and within budget.  I am confident that Municipal and County dredging projects anywhere will prosper with Dredging & Marine Consultants on their team.”